Blink and Arlo: Which One’s Better?

arlo cam

Nowadays, security camera are almost a necessity in common households. Also, they have gotten so cheap, so price is not an excuse to risk the protection of your housing campus. For only a couple a hundred bucks, you can get yourself a few and consumer friendly security camera. Some of these cameras include the Arlo, and the Blink smart home security devices.

The Blink security camera cost around $100 per camera, or $300 for a 3 camera set including the sync module. The camera is small, and can be mounted on a wall. It is a high definition 720p camera packed with features. The device has motion and temperature sensors. On top of that, the camera have built-in microphones, 2 years of battery life, infrared night vision and it weatherproof. The system itself connect to stuff wirelessly through Wi-Fi, and includes multi-system, multi camera and auto-arm/disarm support. The camera also connect to an app that enables live view, and the ability to manage recorded clips. The Blink security camera is tiny, and visually appealing for any setup.

Alternatively, the Arlo security camera is slightly more pricey than the Blink security camera by $50 a piece or so. You can by sets of a couple or more camera that include magnetic and adjustable camera mounts, and a smart home base system with power adapters. It is also an HD camera with 720p. The device is waterproof, and has night vision with infrared lights. The device has motion alerting technology, and free cloud storage to keep 7 days of motion triggered recording. It is also a wire free device. The Arlo security camera is also visually appealing, but is slightly slimmer than the Blink security cam.

In retrospect, the cameras are both nearly identical in specification wise. They both are around the same price, and are easy to set up. The both feature high definition 720p cameras, mounts, smart wireless home bases. They are also both weatherproof, and feature motion detecting infrared night vision. The blink camera has an app that allows you to view the camera, and recorded videos. The Arlo alternatively has a free cloud where the videos are saved. In my opinion, I would prefer the Blink security camera because it has an app that I would prefer using, and real time live video is something that could come in handy. Although, many people like cloud storage, so it strongly depends on personal preference. These devices also have discounts fairly often, for picking up either of the kits on a good discount can chose which product to get.

Check out for a better breakdown than of security cameras thatI can give.